The GRAD Matters is an initiative that was created to help show support to students who are pursuing higher education. Often many people overlook the struggles that students endure while pursuing an education. These struggles vary from financial hardships, lack of support, physical, mental or emotional health, and many other factors. The GRAD Matters initiative offers resources, advice, and inspirational quotes to help assist students along the way. In May 2020, The Grad Matters initiative will be awarding book scholarships to participating students of 2 Metro Detroit non-profit organizations, Midnight Golf Program and Epiphany ASR. Our owner, Tiffany Moore credits these programs as a support system when she was pursuing her education. Being that Timeless Masterpiece is focused on providing graduation accessories to commemorate students’ accomplishments, we wanted to be able to help other students achieve as well. If you would like to donate to The GRAD Matters Scholarship, please email

The GRAD Series highlights students who were trailblazers through college despite any setbacks they experienced while pursuing their education. The series highlights their stories, provides advice, inspires others, and so much more. The series showcases why #TheGRADMatters. By
highlighting these students, it shows the importance of having a support system, impact of organizations, and personal perseverance.

The GRAD Series helps highlight students who have helped Timeless Masterpiece make an impact at their various schools. Please read their background stories and congratulate  them on their success.