Please use the Cap Design Form to list details/placing of your concept for your graduation cap. Additional paper can be used to list details. Please use the contact form to be completed for tracking purposes. When designing your cap, please provide the following details:

Design Specifications
Please provide your graduation date and the expectation date of your cap.
• Specifications of your design must be made (please type out your description, concepts, or ideas).
• Include any and all pictures (logos, clip art, or mascots) you would like to add.
• Include any and all wording (biblical verses, quotes, or phrases) you would like to add.
• Would you like to add embellishments (flowers, pearls, rhinestones, fur, bows or colored gems)?
• What colors are the items mentioned above (this includes words, quotes, pictures, embellishments)?
Our Process
We decorate graduation caps using toppers. 
• An image of the layout will be sent to you once completed for review. Once your image layout is approved, an invoice will be sent for the remaining balance.
• Once your final payment has been received, we will create your graduation cap. This is at least a 4-7 week process or more depending on our workload.