Timeless Masterpiece was officially launched in March 2019 after the highly praised first stole created by Tiffany Moore graced the graduation scene. Pursuing her master’s degree, she chose to commemorate her graduation with a winter and spring graduation shoot. After receiving inquiries about her stole from her winter shoot, she chose to make a business customizing graduation stoles and caps.

Timeless Masterpiece name was taken from a name that was used from a jewelry line from her previous business Tempt Me Accessories. Timeless Masterpiece uses the acronym TM. Tiffany also known as TM uses her initials to showcase through the business logo. The word Masterpiece was used to commemorate Tiffany pursuing her Master’s degree. The word Timeless was used to highlight how pursuing an education, no one can take your degree away from you. Your education will always be timeless and hold value. When naming the stoles and caps we wanted to incorporate levels of education. B.S. are our Breathtaking Stoles that will guarantee to take people’s breath away when they see the work of art. Ph.D. our Phenomenal Head Décor that sparkles throughout out the crowd.

Due to Tiffany’s journey with pursuing her degree, she wanted to be able to contribute to her clients’ special day and allow them to highlight their accomplishments, their journey, and commemorate those who helped them along the way. Despite her setbacks, she was able to turn them into a success by creating Timeless Masterpiece. With her success, she wanted to give back by creating #TheGRADMatters initiative. This initiative takes a percentage of each sale to present a book scholarship to high school students of two Metro Detroit non-profit organizations’ Midnight Golf and Epiphany ASR. These two programs are dear to Tiffany because they helped contribute to Tiffany’s upbringing and served as a support system when she graduated high school.

During the day, Tiffany serves as an event coordinator. During the night and weekends, she is creating masterpieces to be seen by hundreds of people at graduations across the country. A recent graduate of Northwood University with a MBA in Management, pursuing her master’s degree began her journey with Timeless Masterpiece. Using her multiple platforms such as being a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, Midnight Golf Alumni and many more, she was able to market her brand to others. Tiffany has worked in several business industries such as Hospitality, Marketing, Human Resources Management, and Community Development. Through her experiences, she prides herself in providing excellent customer experience to all of her clients when working with them. Her identity is showcased through her brand. Timeless Masterpiece acronym as TM stems from Tiffany’s initials. With every masterpiece, Tiffany produces each piece hand by hand creating an unique item catered to each person.